Merry Christmas and Happy NEW year!

Peak is done!!  Somehow, we have made it through all the crazy.  Somehow we are now on the flip side of the late nights, long hours, tired and hungry husbands, lonely date nights with ourselves….it’s over!!  My  husband had to work Christmas Eve.  It was a rainy day, foggy and warm…which led to an intersection crash for one of his drivers.  Poooo.  Some careless person ran a red light and grazed one my husbands driver’s trucks.  He last driver came in by 4:45 (could have been worse and thank goodness it wasn’t!) and he was home to us by 6pm.  Just in time for dinner and presents with my side of the family.  It was dark out, and I heard the rumble of his engine pull up.  The kids and I squealed and ran for the door, so anxious and excited to see him.  We waited anxiously has he turned his engine off and walked up to the door and we ALL ran for hugs.  I was holding back tears.  Just SO thankful to have him home and the realization that we made it through peak hit me hard.  All the crazy emotions of the holidays culminated and welled up inside me, flowing out through my eyes.  No one else cried and perhaps some of my family thought I was maybe just a tad over reacting.  I just can’t say enough HOW MUCH I MISSED HIM!!!  We sat down for dinner and then grabbed a spot on the couch and just enjoyed one another’s company.  His presence is the only gift I really cared about. Forget all the material things…my husband IS my heart.  Amazing how that happens huh?  So ladies…MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Happy New Year!!  I hope you are all enjoying your extra day off and getting good quality time with your UPSer.  Looking forward to a day off for New Years too.  😀  Cheers to us to making it through.  See ya later Peak!!