The First Day of the New Year!

Hey there girls.  Today is officially 2017!  What?!  Happy New Year to you all!  Last night was not at all glamorous for us.  My husband, the UPSer, had to work and didn’t get home until after 6pm.  I wasn’t too  happy about that.  I mean, he just worked all peak season, giving them our Saturday’s.  Why take this one from us too?  My husband is salaried as a supervisor.  In a way this is nice, in a way this is NOT nice.  Yesterday, our center was trying to cut costs.  So they told all the unsalaried sups to stay home…so that they could work the salaried sups and not have to pay them extra.  In my core I want to scream.  This screams abuse.  I mean, you’re forcing someone to work their weekend and NOT pay them extra?  Is there something wrong here?  Anyways, enough of that venting.  Back to our unglamorous new years eve.  😉  I text him asking him his ETA (a.k.a. “estimated time of arrival”).  Anyone else use driver speak when texting? lol.  He tells me he is finally on his way and proceeds to ask if I need anything from the store and what I’d like for dinner.  I told him anything I didn’t have to cook!  I’ve been cooking all week long, on double duty…and I am done come the weekend!  No more cooking!!  Thinking he’d bring home pizza or burgers from Five Guys, he comes home loaded down with grocery bags and proceeds to pour me a beer…and start frying up some steak in our iron skillet.  My hard working guy comes home…and cooks for me!!  Thank YOU!  There were no candles lit and our four kids were chowing down with us but it was romantic and sweet of him to want to serve me in this way.  After dinner, he put all four baby bundles of joy in bed for me and lastly, we went to bed!

How about you guys?  Did you go to any parties or lay low like we did, exhausted from the years work?

So how will we start this new year?  It’s always loaded with zest and hope for something better than the previous.  We’re stuck wondering maybe this year will be easier.  In all honestly, it probably won’t…life is hard and each year brings its new trials…but still it’s exciting nonetheless.  Will this be the year my husband gets promoted to manager?  Will this be the year we can actually buy a house?  Will this be the year we pay off all debt?  Will this be the year…?

Hoping you all are well and that your weekends are blessed with rest, and peace and some good quality down time with your UPSer.  Happy New Year to you all!