Just one day

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you ladies!  I didn’t post much because we were busy and I was spending the time enjoy family and the time off A had with us.  We spent that day visiting his parents and just enjoying feasting, eating, being merry, sipping wine and warm drinks and before we knew it the day was over, the sun had set, and we were on our way back home again and he was in prep mode to work the day after Thanksgiving.  I found myself alone again.  Then Saturday came and he had to go in to work AGAIN.  Left at 6am and didn’t return till 13 hours later when it was dark.  All my other friends and family members were enjoying their extra day off and their long weekend with husbands home and families all together.  Me?  Alone, cooking and cleaning just like every other day.  It’s hard to not get jealous!  It’s hard to not be bitter when you see others being together and you’re not.  It’s extra hard when friends and family know you are alone, but don’t give any extra words of thoughtfulness or encouragement.  This is my bitter side.  Welcome. The struggle is SO real.  Thanks UPS for taking so much from our men and leaving our family time for next to nothing.  So here it is Sunday and it’s the first day he hasn’t been at work all day.  This is peak and our center will be working 6 days a week from now till whenever peak slows down something in mid January.  I should be prepared for it right?  I should be used to this life 10  years later.  Nope.  Not sure it will ever be easy or I’ll ever get used to it.

Amidst all that I am Thankful.  Yes I am thankful  he has a job (like so many people will tell you..”at least be thankful he has a job”).  I am thankful for these brief interludes between all the crazy that our family is together and that even when we are apart we love each other and hold each other so dearly in each other’s hearts.  I am thankful that he works hard and as quickly as he can to come home to ME.  I am thankful we are partners in this life.  Thinking of all you ladies this weekend and hope you are hanging in there!  Please tell me how you are coping!