The Wives

Ladies, I can’t tell you enough how much I am blessed when you find my blog and you leave your comments saying how encouraged you are to have found this.  My heart sings.  That is why I am here.  This blog was created for you.  Not my own personal gain, but just to be a place you can maybe find encouragement.  One week out until Christmas is here.  One more week of this crazy.  This week may indeed be the craziest as people ship last minute to get presents under trees.  Hang in there!!  My husband has been working six days straight for the past month.  This is NOT easy and it is wearing on us.  Lets be honest, we never see each other except for brief moments of him scarfing his late night dinner down and then we both pass out in bed.  I wake up when his alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning. I see him stagger around fishing for his uniform.  He goes downstairs and leaves for work.  Seems like I only see him in the dark! Can you relate??  I have been so tired!!  The kids miss their daddy.  My five year old always asks for daddy to come tuck him in when he gets home, but my sweet five year old never notices daddy’s kisses on his forehead because its so late at night, my little boy is always sleeping.  Sometimes I worry the impact this will have on them.  We all seem to have our own “father hungers”…will this create one in them?  I always keep things simple and tell them their daddy loves them and longs to be with them and as soon as he’s done working he’ll be with them.  I do not vent about UPS in front of them.  I do not complain about my hard wifely work in front of them.  I do not want them feeling the negativity I do.  One thing I DO do is lift that up to God.  “God protect them, mold them, shape them to search after You.”  He is our real father and He too is preparing a place for us.   I know God sees me and hears my complaints and feels my heart pangs and yearnings for my husband to be home.  For some reason he has put me here in this role, as the UPS wife, supporting THIS man, raising this family.  So here I must be.  Waiting.  Trusting.

Yesterday (Saturday) my husband was at work.  I’ve kinda learned to expect he’ll be home late and much later than I’d like him to be.  So it was a nice surprise when he called me telling me he was coming home early and going to take a nap!  What?!  “Did your manager let you off?!”  Wow!!  Home he comes and as he pulls up in to the drive way my one year old squeals with delight, banging on the window..SO EXCITED to see daddy for the first time in a week!!  And my heart sings again.  I treasure these little moments in my heart.  So here it is Sunday morning and I am wide awake at 6:45 because I’m so accustomed to being up early with the kids.  A is still sleeping.  We have this day together!!  I can’t wait to just…be.  Happy weekend, ladies.  I hope for what it’s worth you are all enjoying what time you do have off (because you’ve been working all week too) and that your family times are fulfilling and everything you’ve hoped they would be.  Keep your heads up!  Wash those browns, pack those lunches…maybe sneak in special treats for him in his lunch box.  One more week and YES, they get the day after Christmas OFF!!