Where I am now

img_6298I remember growing up in the country, down a little gravel road, with horses and cows for neighbors.  I’m sure working for UPS was so different back then than it is now.  I often find myself wondering what these guys did before the days of Ebay and Amazon?  Was life more enjoyable?  Did they get home at more accommodating hours?  Have dinners with their families?  We had a little Chihuahua.  Black and white, tea cup size.  She was tiny!  I’d hear her bark, see her take off down the driveway and look out the window and sure enough, would see the UPS  man drive past.  My mom would always curse as he’d come barreling down the road and say he was driving way too fast and that one day, so help her, if he ran over our dog…haha!

That makes me chuckle now.  I had no idea back then that I’d find myself married to the UPS man.  That I’d understand why he was in such a hurry.  That his life is hectic and rushed and that the clock does not give any grace or mercy if he fails to deliver a package on time.  Here I am now and I laugh at the thought of my little dog chasing after him in his big brown truck and wondering how he didn’t manage to run over her?!  Quick as he was driving, our UPS man was always safe.  I marvel at these guys.  They train and train and train.  They are hammered and drummed their safety skills, the five seeing habits, the laws of lifting and loading, of always backing first.  Don’t leave your truck running when you park it, turn your flashers on.  Never ever make a left turn if you can help it!  They go to bed repeating those things!  Even so much that me his wife knows what they are!  I find myself backing first in to parking lots (we drive a huge Yukon XL…basically a package car).  Clearing my intersections…wait three seconds after the light turns green before you proceed!  I figure they make me a safer driver anyway…after all I am carrying far more precious cargo.  My four children.  All these years later, I am not the little girl in the country.  I am a grown woman, again living down a little country gravel road, raising my children and it is my husband in the UPS truck.

My husband is what you call an on-car-delivery supervisor.  He has one of the two groups of drivers in our little center hub.   It’s a small outlying center, and because it’s so small, it’s staffed equivocally.  Bare bones is what I’d call it.  Just enough people to keep it running and nothing more.  This constantly frustrates me.  Someone goes on vacation and my husband is always the man who covers for that guy out.  Someone’s sick?  Call on him.  Another sup isn’t toting his fair share of the load…call on my man to help him fix it and do it right.  ARG!  This week, he’s be covering for the pre-load sup.  He’s found many flaws and errors that our particular pre-load sup was allowing to slip under the table. As a result, the misloads are through the roof.  Guess who gets to run those misloads?  Yep, my husband.  Thanks so much!  Sometimes I find myself wishing I could come into work with “A” (I will refer to my husband as “A” because that is the first initial of his name.)  and wanting to give everyone a motivational speech.  “Drivers and supervisors and managers, UNITE!  Let’s keep each others best interest in mind…help each other, work for each other, so that we can all go home at the end of the day to out families!”  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  I wish!

This week has been SO hard because of these odd hours my husband is working.  Literally, he gets up at 2am…goes into work by 3am…and isn’t home till after 5:30pm.  We celebrated our ninth anniversary yesterday…or didn’t.  He came home so late all he could do was eat dinner and go to bed before waking up at 2am again.  Usually I find myself coping…but this week was not so easy. My kids were sick.  Throwing up during the day, coughing and fevers by night.  It was me waking up to help them during the night.  Turn the shower on to steam up the bath room so that my littlest one could breathe.  My husband was MIA.  This is an all too common story.  Mommy at home, working hard with no real help.

So I find myself here.  Writing this blog.  Because perhaps you too have found yourself at the end of a very tiring week, with no husband to help you with the kids, basically a single parent, ending your week and wondering, “what just happened?!”  Be encouraged dear UPS wife.  You aren’t alone.  Yes, there are those of us out there who know the struggle you go through.  Where am I now?  Right here, willing to support this dear man I’m married too.  Who forgives my faults even those moments when I break and am not happy with life…but he loves me and I love him.  I am no longer that bystander girl watching the UPS man drive down the road.  I am his wife.  I care for him.  I have an intimate understanding of his life.  I am the UPSer’s wife…such a unique roll that I play.  That we play.  Take a moment and just respect yourself for that role.  He lives and thrives because of your respect and care for him.  That’s it ladies.  That’s what I am here for.  I want to encourage the wives…”wives, UNITE!”

” My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ,  in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Colossians 2:2-3

“We love because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19