Browning Up

How many people do you know who know what that means?  Misloads, peak season, diads, conference calls, 05ing?   Your man wakes up early, scarfs his breakfast down and rushes out the door.  He comes home 12 plus hours later tired and hungry, sometimes overheated, sometimes freezing cold, sometimes damp and wet. Your man is out in the elements.  I want to encourage all us wives this peak season.  Help your men brown up!   They can’t do it without you.  They need our support, our love, and our unwavering dedication to running the home front.  Working wives have it a bit harder.  You will need to make that much more self-disciplined effort to support your man.  Why?  We fell in love with them.  We took vows to love honor and respect.  We now must act out those vows and hold ourselves accountable.  This world of UPS can run more smoothly if we already have the mindset to be servants to them.  Get those uniforms washed and pressed.  Have them hanging and socks accounted for where he can easily find them.  Feed him when he comes home…a warm meal that says, “I love you and I respect the work you are doing for me.”  If we ourselves have the mindset to serve and support first, you will find he automatically respects and will be thankful for you.  Think of it as a crazy cycle.  I know your tired, dear UPS wife.  I know you feel run down too.  I know you’re angry that his hours are atrocious.  I know a lot of times you feel like a single parent and you’re all on your own and that very few friends and family really understand what you are going through.  I know that come the holiday season you feel depressed instead of happy.  You see other families spending cherished time together and somehow you find yourself alone.  I’m here to tell you I understand. I’m in the trenches with you.  So ladies, put your “browns” on.  Brown up with your man.  Make this season different by not letting the fear, anger, depression and loneliness overwhelm your hearts.  Choose to reject those thoughts that are so temptingly awaiting the door to your mind.  Choose joy instead, choose love, choose to think positive amidst the negativity.  Will you brown up with me this season?

My Wonderful Husband


Here’s something positive for today…my husband is working tomorrow and he came in late last night, yet this morning he took the kids downstairs and brought me coffee in bed while I savored each quiet sip and read a good book. Life is crazy and hectic but I am so thankful for these sweet quiet blessings and so thankful for my sweet man who is such a servant. He’s all I want for Christmas. I think the biggest thing we can take away from this crazy season is that tangible things matter nothing compared to the people God has placed I our lives. Blessings to you all and enjoy your weekends!