About this UPS wife

Hi there.  My name is Kelli and I am a wife to a UPSer.  Several years ago I was looking for encouragement on the web and anyone who might understand what UPS’s hours are like and how difficult they are on family life.  I found nothing.  I decided I would start my own place where fellow wives could come and find encouragement.  That is what this site is for!  Don’t feel alone.  Don’t feel like there is no one out there who understands your life’s schedule because your husband works long hours that are a bit uncontrollable.  Our husbands don’t choose these hours.  They would be home earlier if they could.  They have chosen this company and we are here to support them.   It is our responsibility as wives to uplift them, encourage them, to give them the best we can before sending them off to war.  I hope you can come here and read my posts and feel that we are friends and able to vent our frustrations and feel blessed after leaving.  That is my goal!  Welcome to the UPSwife.  This site is for you, fellow UPSer’s wife.  You are the UPS wife.