When we do get that time…

Today my girls had their Fall violin recital.  For Anya this was her first time.  For Grace this was her second time.  They did so well and I’m so proud of them, especially Anya because I knew she was nervous.  Her little cheeks blushed red as soon as we entered the auditorium.  And I know what she was feeling…I remember feeling the same way about my concerts as a girl!  But she did it!  She was the first one to go and she did so much better than I had been anticipating.  My mom was able to come see them play and that blessed my heart.  But what touched me the most was that  my  husband was with us.  He’s dispatching tomorrow which means he was in bed early, but the recital was early enough that he could come with us.  Please understand.  He does not get to do things like this often.  During the week he’s gone, working and coming late and it’s me by myself taking the kids to their various appointments and practices.  It felt SO good to do something as a WHOLE family.   All of us together, driving together, watching together, participating together.  Having him there to hold my fidgety youngest one so I could take pictures was one of a kind.  Do other wives who have husbands around more often take it all for granted?  It was such a blessing.  And I certainly count such blessings and think back on them during the hard times.  I hope you all have had a good weekend.  Welcome back to life again during the week.  Hope you’re hanging in there.

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